Did L Ron Hubbard order Murder? Scientology Defector Speaks out


Did L Ron Hubbard order Murder? Scientology Defector Speaks out

The evil and lengthy harassment of Paulett Cooper first became a book, then a book was written about her and her book. Besides the evil harassment someone also tried to murder her, or what they then thought was her.
When Bill Franks a very high ranked Scientology believer left the cult of scientology and later spoke out, he told about a planned murder on an MP in the british house of lords around 1979. Around that time there was only one MP murdered and that was Airey Neave

The most important questions here might be from the angle of trustworthiness, and have high level defector SCIENTOLOGY BILL FRANKS lied a lot?

 Clearing out Scientology

Airey Neave Murder

The murder of Airey Neave, Margaret Thatcher’s best friend and chef of her private office politicaly
Did L Ron have a motive, and have L Ron Hubbard with Scientology tried to murder before? Someone tried to murder Paulette Cooper obviously on top of all the cold minded and evil harassment.
L Ron Hubbard, his daughter and wife was not able to enter UK and UK had a ban on Scientologists enter. in early 1979 The Scientology church of California raised a case against The British health and Social security department, feeling humiliated by their descriptions of Scientology. The main critics in the English spoken word seems to have emanated from UK and I am pretty sure a grandiose alien like L Ron Hubbard wondered what laws of nature that where altered. And really did wanted to find the source of the claim that 1/Scientology was unscientific 2/dangerous. Being pushed back so hard and so long, Hubbard was here on a mission for
The 3 main questions in my mind is
1/Did L Ron Hubbard have a motive?
2/Did L Ron Hubbard / Scientology have had the insights, know how to do it?
Did L Ron Hubbard alter something behavioristic in near proximity of time-frame to this even?
Parliament UK undergroundParliament UK underground parking, not the easiest place to plant a bomb
1/Yes Hubbard can have a motive here from the basis of his reactive and hyper-reactive mind, just like the UNA Bomber was intelligent in intel, also totally out of intel despite being a brilliant former professor in mathematics still uncountable for his thinking. Hubbard had in UK the strongest backward pushing in the English-speaking word. And the lawsuit in early 1979 speaks in that direction, L Ron Hubbard, L Ron Hubbard’s Daughter and L Ron Hubbard’s wife where already foreign aliens.
Scientology tunnel2/ Yes L Ron Hubbard was a paranoid man and department of the Prime Minister at the time was infiltrated with Scientology believers or Scientologist if that sounds better in any means. So, the very knowledge in Margret Thatcher’s best friend and the chief of her personal office Airey Neave was there, probably to a higher degree than in any other alien organization in the parliament.
Yes, the department was so infiltrated at that time, that it was even openly discussed
UK parliament 1979
3/ Ronald Lafayette Hubbard does under this period reaching max in paranoia. Airey Neave was murdered in 1979 March 30. in April 1979 L Ron Hubbard moves without any further notice to spend his life hiding first with just 10 trusted connecting agents to the outer world (The Commodore’s little girls). Then to Whispering Wind Ranch Creston with just one connecting person to the outer word as his trustee. L Ron Hubbard did alter his behaviors considerably in this time-frame considerably. His Wife saw him just once after the first hidings and pretty nobody else. Pat Broeker did not deliver anything to anyone outside, but only to the middle man. If being under surveillance and so on … The middle man was David Miscavige and he had never been at L Ron Hubbard’s Creston home before Hubbard dies. That’s how paranoid Hubbard had become.
Bill Franks High level Scientology defector
Bill Franks High level Scientology defector
I Hate conspirator theories and IRA itself and INLA itself claimed that they were behind the murder and I guess several more individuals have confessed to the murder. Yes, I know that perfectly well, thank you. The fact that the author to messiah Miller was framed to a murder of PI in London and the mention of a murdered MP in this area and time-frame, gives me the image of a potent org that has less brakes in bringing forwards it’s way of abstraction. And UK to Hubbard seems to have been the center from which he received so much shit, although it was just pure feedback
Margaret thatcher
margaret thatcher
A little bit much here… Bill Franks can you tell us a little bit more?
Airey Neave Margaret Thatcher (1)
Steve ‘Sarge’ Pfauth, who worked under Hubbard for four years until the founder’s death in January 1986, said his owner regretted ever making up the Church. Hubbard’s former chef and ‘runner’, Sinar Parman, says that everyone on site was so paranoid of the outside that they’d even bury their own vans
Bomb Assassination
Leaving the tunnel and the parilament ounderground parking
David Miscavige what do you say?
Many military organizations have comitted murder but not so many hide behind religious bigotery and front organizations pimped trojan horses.
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Anyone who leaves Scientology and speaks out can be labeled as an Suppressive person or and SP  and a PTS meaning a potential trouble source- and then it is free to do what they wanted with you because you can be a ”Fair game” just like a bad standing in  Hells angeles by the way-

Suppressive Person

Suppressive Person SP

The suppressive Pearson is inherited in Scientology from its founder L Ron Hubbard who never really could take critics …. But then needed to show what and reactive mind he had all his life and even release his more HYPER REACTIVE MIND – now inherited by scientology and expressed as the fair game on PTS and SP. The suppressive persons as they are potential trouble sources to any reactive mind and organization that cannot handle critics.